Korat - Downloads

Download Korat

Korat Binary Distribution

There are two options for downloading Korat.
  1. For your convenience, we have prepared an archive that contains Korat and all required libraries, except GraphViz, which must be downloaded and installed separately.
  2. You can also download just the Korat proper and then separately download the additional libraries: Korat uses the following additional libraries that must be present in the CLASSPATH environment variable:
    Javassist home page download javassist-3.3
    Alloy4Viz home page download alloy-4.0 vizualizer
    Graphviz (required by Alloy4Viz) home page download graphviz
    Jakarta Commons CLI library home page download commons-cli 1.0

For detailed instructions on how to install and run Korat, please go to the manual page.

Korat Source Distribution

You can do a checkout from Korat SVN repostory:

svn co https://korat.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/korat/trunk/ korat